Who We Are

Youth Power is a network of 12 diverse, Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot organizations that promote or affiliate with youth activism.


Our mission is to inspire, energize and strengthen the youth’s efforts to shape a peaceful and sustainable future, for a multicultural Cyprus.


We envision a peaceful, sustainable, multicultural Cyprus, comprised of aware, empowered and active citizens.


Youth Power is inspiration, sharing, cooperation, active citizenship, diversity, friendship, creativity and, above all, peace.


  • To inspire, empower and energize young Cypriots to work towards achieving their vision of a peaceful, sustainable and multicultural Cyprus.
  • To provide a powerful platform for young people to voice their needs and concerns regarding the future of Cyprus. 
  • To encourage, support and promote communication, activities and relationships that engage, empower and motivate young Cypriots to be active citizens.
  • To create intercultural bridges through joint activities, whose aim is to get the youth of Cyprus involved in common issues such as peace-building, the environment and human rights.
  • To facilitate relationships and networking between young members belonging to the different communities of Cyprus.
  • To put the issues concerning the youth in the agendas of decision-makers in Cyprus and overseas through campaigning, lobbying and public relations.

    As a network we aim to facilitate mutual support between our members, encouraging the exchange of information, experience and ideas through local and international networking, promotion and training.

We aim to expand the Network’s activity and outreach, both locally and internationally, among political spheres, authorities, youth-related NGOs, as well as among the wider public of Cyprus, through campaigning, lobbying and public relations.