An Interview With The Invisible Other Premier (12.07.2013)


On Friday 12 July 2013 "An interview with the "invisible" other," a documentary on racism and immigrant rights in the Greek-Cypriot community premiers as part of a conference under the same title, starting at 17:00, at the Home for Cooperation in the Ledra Palace Buffer Zone, Nicosia. "An interview with the "invisible" other," is a Youth Power Small Grants project, launched in April 2013 and implemented by Petros Nicolaou and Petros Heracleous. The project aims to raise public awareness about the issue of racism in the Greek Cypriot community.


NICOSIA – 08 July 2013: The objectives of the "An interview with the "invisible" other project’’ are twofold. The first goal, by means of the research, is to examine whether the immigration policy of the Cypriot State favors the empowerment of racism in Cypriot society. The second goal is to give the opportunity to immigrants living in the Greek Cypriot community to tell their own story of migration, through the documentary film. The overall aim is to raise public awareness about the issues surrounding racism in contemporary Cyprus.


In the documentary, three immigrants living in Cyprus narrate their own story of migration. Jaswant, Maria and Attris talk openly about the difficulties that they face in Cyprus because of their status. Most of these difficulties derive from the racial discriminations directed against immigrants. Six key people coming from different professional and academic backgrounds also participate in the documentary. They comment on important points of the narrative, trying to help the viewers to understand some key issues on the immigration policy of the state.    


Project Manager, Petros Nicolaou states: "An interview with the "invisible" other” tries to face the vital issue of racial discriminations in the Greek Cypriot community. We consider that the ideology of racism, under today’s circumstances (due to the economic crisis and its consequences), could find fertile ground among the young people and turn the youth not only against third country nationals, but also turn them against each  other.”


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