CALL FOR General Service Providers (19.04.2013)


 ·         1 Administrator- 40 hours over 4 months


  • Oversee the entire multimedia development of the Online Platform on Entrepreneurship and Youth,
  • Micromanage individual teams of audiovisual and IT service providers and volunteers
  • Provide feedback on all technical aspects of the process. 
  • The administrator will provide a liaison between the various service providers and the Youth Power Secretariat. 
  • Bachelor or preferably Masters degree in Communications
  • Proven prior experience in multimedia design and NGO sector is required.


  • 1 Web tutorials expert- 40 hours over 2 months


  • Oversee the development of a video course on Social Entrepreneurship for the Online Platform.
  • Provide complete syllabus, presentations and downloadable workbooks.
  • Deliver a series of 20 minute lectures in front of a live audience and be filmed, 12 videos in total.
  • Liaise with the Platform Administrator and the Youth Power Secretariat.
  • Bachelor or preferably Masters degree (such as MBA) in a related field is required
  • Proven prior experience in the field of Entrepreneurship Training is required.



  • 5 Assistants- Hours as required over 4 months
    • In charge of contacting relevant/interested companies, organizations and individuals and involve them with the online platform
    • Call centre duties aimed at proposing the services of the Online Platform to businesses, entrepreneurs and educators.
    • Compilation of a number of service directories to be uploaded on the Online Platform.
    • Good phone manners and pleasant attitude