Call for Retreat Facilitator (29.04.2013)

Youth Power is currently looking for an experienced facilitator to carry out a retreat for its Network Member organizations, focusing on capacity-building, sustainability and future joint activities.

The Network Retreat will take place on 24-26 May 2013 (venue to be confirmed).

The facilitator will be responsible for:

-          Preparing the retreat agenda in coordination with the Youth Power Secretariat

-          Preparing a variety of retreat activities, including both discussion-based and activity-based workshops

-          Being available and carrying out the retreat during the aforementioned dates

-          Developing and distributing all material needed throughout the retreat

-          Producing specific outcomes/end results to be determined beforehand in collaboration with the Secretariat

-          Providing a Retreat Report including suggestions for the participants, at the end of the Retreat

Priority will be given to facilitators with experience in analogous retreats and/or facilitators with a good knowledge of the Youth Power network activity.


Offers should be sent to [email protected] by 29 April, 2013.