Celebrating H4C’s First Birthday (06.05.2012)


The Home for Cooperation (H4C) located at the Ledra Palace Buffer Zone is celebrating it very first birthday on Sunday 6 May 2012, at 3 pm and Youth Power is looking forward to participating in the event!


Since its inauguration in 2011, H4C works as a shared space for intercommunal cooperation and dialogue, hosting a library and archive, conference and exhibition spaces, as well as offices accommodating a number of NGOs. Its objectives are:

  1. 1.    To provide opportunities for NGOs and individuals to design and implement innovative projects, which will help build the foundations for empowering civil society and building lasting relationships island wide.
  2. 2.    To encourage Cypriots to demonstrate the benefits of cooperation across the existing divide.
  3. 3.    To enhance awareness of the complexity and diversity of history towards empowering individuals to respond to present and future demands based on understanding and mutual respect.

During the first year of its life H4C has become a favourite hub for NGOs with a bicommunal field of actions, as well as for Youth Power, having hosted both our launch press conference and Party at the Home’s premises. Located strategically close to the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) which also hosts Youth Power, H4C is already proving successful in the process of transforming the Buffer Zone from a symbol of separation to a symbol of cooperation and strengthening civil society in Cyprus.


On Sunday 6 May 2012, Youth Power will be joining the celebration with its own stand offering plenty of information on our activities, as well as fantastic little surprises for everyone who comes to say hello! We will further be participating in the exciting activities that H4C has in store for all its guests!


More details coming up on the Youth Power Facebook  and Twitter channels, as well as on our website.