One StreetS Festival (26.11.2011)

November – December 2011, Morphou, Limassol, Nicosia

Beginning in Morphou (26 November 2011) moving on to Limassol (03 December 2011) and culminating in Nicosia (10 December 2011) One StreetS Festival, organized by Youth Leaders and Cultural Activists, an independent group of young Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots, gained the vote of confidence from the young people of Cyprus.

The slogan “CTR+ALT+DELETE: Let’s Bring The Walls Between Us Down” was chosen by the organizers to highlight the aim of the festival in bringing the different communities of the island together. In a spirit of creative exuberance, with music, dance, street performances and open air exhibitions, the festival succeeded in providing a common ground for the youth of Cyprus to come together, have fun and reclaim the streets of the island in the name of peace and tolerance.


Deniz Urfali, 28, Event Coordinator for Morphou:
“I can only report what our students have told me. They were happy to discover that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots have so much in common. Many of them met Greek Cypriots for the first time, during the festival, and were impressed at how few the differences were. They felt happy to be included in a multicultural event, along with the locals of both sides, and enjoyed themselves immensely. They felt empowered and reassured in their effort to exchange positive emotions from the other participants and made many new friends.”

Maria Papadopoulou, 28, One StreetS Festival Project Coordinator:
"One Streets gave us the chance to experience the true meaning of multiculturalism (dancing under the same beat with Filipinos, Iranians, Cypriots, Montenegrins, Americans, Romanians), the true significance of acceptance and understanding of other peoples’ differences and what peace really stands for (to coexist and cooperate harmoniously within the framework of a team made up of individuals with different cultural and religious backgrounds). We can only truly embrace peace if we immerse ourselves in a circle of multicoloured and multicultural people and actively promote, in unison, the human values that everyone shares."