Social Entrepreneurship for Social Change (14.11.2014)

 The main aim of the project is to equip youth workers with necessary knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to facilitate the change in attitude of young people regarding social problems in their respective communities and inspire social change.


Based on the above aim, the objectives are as below:

  • Raising awareness about social problems

  • Gaining knowledge regarding social entrepreneurship

  • Introducing tools regarding how social enterprises tackle societal problems

  • To motivate youth workers in order to undertake social entrepreneurship as a force for social change

  • To introduce necessary tools to youth workers on how to find innovative ways of tackling social problems

  • To develop pilot projects which address social challenges in their organisations or community

  • Equipping youth workers with the relevant skills of how they can cope with social problems in their society


The training will take place 14-20 November 2014 in Centrum Hotel, Nicosia.


Participating countries are Cyprus, UK, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey.


This project is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus programme