Youth Power Online Incubation Centre: Call For IT Service Provider (11.03.2013)

Youth Power Online Incubation Centre: Call For IT Service Provider


Background Information

Unemployment rates for young people are currently on the rise in Cyprus, especially among University graduates. Cypriots value education and families tend to encourage their children to receive higher education. Unfortunately this does not decrease unemployment as jobs diminish with the current financial crunch. Youth Power has identified entrepreneurship as a possible way for young people to expand their options.


Entrepreneurship is something quite new for Cyprus. Most of the businesses on both sides of the island are small, family-run enterprises, handed down from generation to generation, a factor that does not really permit youth entrepreneurship. In order to be an entrepreneur, one necessitates not only financial means, but also guidance and education regarding the right steps to set up a business, including strategic planning, forming a business plan, financial planning, corporate ethics, branding, marketing and communication, production management and many more. In addition to these, having contacts, a network and available information is also paramount.


Securing the necessary financial means is also a focal point in the question of entrepreneurship. It is not only important to know what sources are available but also which of the available sources are suited to a certain business venture. Even if one already possesses the financial means, unconscious attempt for setting up a business may still result in failure.


There are currently neither advice nor incubation centers in Cyprus catering to young people interested in entrepreneurship. Improving the skills of young people in becoming successful and savvy entrepreneurs will not only provide employment for a significant number of Cypriots, improving their quality of life, but will also strengthen business relationships and community collaboration across the divide.





As a first step towards the creation of a functioning incubation centre for young entrepreneurs Youth Power is financing the creation of a multifunctional online platform aiming to be used as a learning and promotional tool by young entrepreneurs both locally and internationally. It aims to be as self-sustainable as possible and to be operated directly by its users, with as little external help as possible. The platform will be divided in two sections: Entrepreneurship and Youth, each one having specific features and catering to specific needs. It will be articulated in English, Greek and Turkish, promoting bicommunal and multicultural interaction amongst young Cypriots.


Technical requirements

1. The online platform must be linked to a database (to be created from scratch) where files (text, pictures, audiovisual) may be securely kept and retrieved from, through appropriate interfaces on the online platform. Security is a requirement for the handling of these files.


2. Simple links to other online sites should be supported.

3. Payment Options through the website must be available, supporting appropriate feedback for the user making the payment like receipt, security guarantee etc. Security (web and network) must be considered as a vital aspect of this option.

4. Advertising through the platform will be encouraged, so the platform designer should allow for that option (various advertising techniques can be discussed)

5. Consider ease of maintenance in terms of easily modifying/adding/removing items(text, pictures, audiovisuals) on the platform, not necessarily by the designers and creators, but possibly by a member of staff of Youth Power.

6. The appropriate layout and design for the platform should be suggested and developed to enhance and complement the themes illustrated (youth, entrepreneurship)


7. No specific technologies are preferred, each proposal will be considered for its ease of maintenance and in relation to the experience of the designers/implementers to provide the final product using that technology.



Overall Structure







To link job seekers to civil society organizations, job and business opportunities and to other professionals


  • Small Adds: Free posting of job offers, bios, business ideas, calls for collaborations etc
  • Directory of hiring companies
  • Directory of professionals offering educational courses or consultancy
  • Directory of resources e.g. possible funders, kickstarter-type sites, ning-type sites


To provide knowledge products aimed at young people


  • Downloadable toolkits, presentations, tutorials, webinars etc



To support events and activities held by the member organizations of Youth Power and other youth organizations


  • Free posting

To feature publications and work of NGOs and CSOs in the Buffer Zone


  • Online market place

To announce public events such as movie screenings, live music shows, theatre and art workshops, exhibitions (Culture Tab, directory/resources/contact opportunities for artists etc)

  • Small Adds: Free posting of events, bios, calls for collaborators and projects etc
  • Directory of festivals and resources
  • Directory of professionals offering educational courses or consultancy


To provide a forum for dialogue and support on youth-related issues/opportunities

  • Free posting



Platform Sustainability


In order for the platform to become as self-sustainable as possible, the following functions should be incorporated into its design:

  • Minimal registration fee from users
  • Paid advertising
  • Larger registration fee from working professionals and organizations
  • Small percentage from products sold through the website e.g. publications, books



Platform material to be finalized: 20 May, 2013

Platform to be launched: 3 June, 2013.



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