YouthAid Festival (18.07.2013)


We regret to inform you that the YouthAid festival that was scheduled for tonight has been POSTPONED FOR NEXT WEEK due to the unfortunate weather conditions in Nicosia earlier today. We apologise.


For all the young people of Cyprus, Youth Power is happy to invite you to the YouthAid festival, taking place on Thursday 18 July 2013 at the Famagusta Gate in Nicosia, 19:00 till midnight. One night, one stage, one music dedicated to the power and the potential of the youth to shape their future as they desire. Cypriot bands Minus One, Papiyion, Prospectus, Gommalar and Strange Union carry the message, while Youth Power protagonists and partners are available to show you just how powerful you really are.


YouthAid is not about collecting food or donations. It is about providing substructures to support the most important asset Cyprus possesses: its young people. It is about helping you understand that through creativity, hard work and social initiatives you can become empowered and expand your employment options in this time of financial and emotional depression.


For that purpose, Youth Power is making its collaborators and partners available to you for a face-to-face conversation during the festival. You will also be able to find information about, the multifunctional online platform, developed by Youth Power, aiming to be used by young people, companies and organisations as a tool for the promotion of their services and initiatives, building partnerships, linking job-seekers and job-givers, as well as an educational tool facilitating the promotion of social entrepreneurship.  


Don't miss the chance to shape your future: YouthAid, Power to the Young!