Youth Power Entrepreneurship Workshops


We are currently looking for organizations or institutions that can provide entrepreneurship training in partnership with Youth Power, for a series of entrepreneurship trainings targeting youth.


        Application Deadline: 20 February 2013

        Projected starting date: 5 March 2013

        Workshop dates: 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 26, 27, 28 March, 2, 3, 4 April

        Title: Entities with expertise on business plan development, communication, marketing & branding, financial planning, production management, business ethics & CSR, Green Line Trade


General information


The current economic crisis has brought new challenges to the youth in Cyprus. Record rates of youth unemployment, increased pessimism towards local authorities and political processes, and even outbreaks of youth extremism and fanaticism set new priorities for Cypriot youth including additional skills development and access to alternatives beyond traditional employment methods. Youth Power has been actively engaged in youth activism across the island, and has successfully engaged many young people and key decision-makers through its activities. It is hence now launching a series of entrepreneurship workshops that can offer valuable skills to their participants, while providing a strong support network, within and beyond civil society.


The official language of the training will be English, targeting both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot youth. Youth Power would like to cooperate with entities that can support this project through their expertise and their pool of trainers. These workshops will not only further develop the knowledge of youth regarding entrepreneurship, but will also provide them with valuable skills and bring them in contact with a strong network of experts.

The workshops are targeted towards youth across Cyprus, ideally college/university graduates or young adults (18-35 years) seeking for a career change. Youth Power aims to attract youth from and beyond Nicosia, and provide transportation to participants if requested.


The entity that will be selected to develop the workshops in coordination with Youth Power is expected to provide trainers covering all workshop themes, and actively participate in the preparation process of the education materials. Youth Power will be responsible in communicating the event and attracting youth to these workshops.


Essential duties and responsibilities for trainers:

  • Prepare the workshop materials for each topic in coordination with the Youth Power Secretariat
  • Engage in regular and substantial communication with the other trainers
  • Research and prepare materials for the topics to be discussed during the workshops and provide case studies
  • Endorse the objectives and values of Youth Power throughout the trainings
  • Abide by cultural and political sensitivities relative to inter-communal work


Benefits for the contracted entity:

-       The entity will receive notable promotion and advertisement through Youth Power’s communications on TV, radio channels, the press and the social media

-       The entity will build strong relations with the Youth Power network, including a range of youth affiliated organizations, research institutions and other partners within civil society

-       The entity will receive public attention relating to entrepreneurship initiatives, paving the way for possible new collaborations

-       The entity and its trainers will contribute to the pressing social issue of youth unemployment

-       The entity and its trainers will build connections with the workshops’ participants, outreaching to youth audiences and creating opportunities for new markets

-       The entity can choose to provide trainers on a voluntary basis or for a symbolic compensation, taking a step in promoting the culture of volunteerism in Cyprus

-       The entity can choose to provide trainers at minimal fee on the basis of Corporate Social Responsibility, acting as a co-organizer for the workshops and promoting local CSR.



Topics to be covered under the workshops:

Business plan development

Communication, marketing & branding

Financial planning

Production management

Business ethics & CSR

Social Entrepreneurship


Additional Topics:

Skill Improvement & Empowerment

Green Line Trade

Marketing & Sales

Branding & Corporate Communications   

Strategic Planning    

Sources of Funding   (How to apply to EU funds, Bank Loans, government loans)


Interested entities are requested to submit an offer to Youth Power by 20 February 2013 that will include the following:

-       Profiles of trainers and experts involved

-       Entity profile (existing clientele, other partnerships and previous work)

-       Tentative agenda for the workshop series, based on the topics above

-       Monetary compensation requested by the entity


NOTE: Youth Power will be able to allocate a maximum amount of €2000 for the completion of 12 two-hour workshops.


Please contact us for more details.