Cyprus Youth TO-GEt-THERe: Tasting Cyprus (01.05.2012)

Cyprus Youth TO-GEt-THERe

A Youth Power Small Grants project

May – August, 2012

Limassol, Famagusta, Omodos

Responding to the need for mainstream inter-communal dialogue and pan-Cypriot cooperation mechanisms on all levels of society, particularly among young people, the Famagusta youth centre, Magusa Genclik Merkezi (MAGEM) and Cultural Movement of Limassol EPILOGI have designed a number of joint inter-communal activities to be realized between May and August 2012. The activities include intercultural youth festivals, youth camps in rural areas, painting and photo sessions together with exhibitions, the creation of a traditional food catalogue and many opportunities for young people to come together in Limassol, Famagusta and Omodos. The aim is to enable the youth living in Cyprus to become a positive force that will develop a culture of reconciliation and ultimately transform Cypriot society, through their engagement in common creative activities.


Activity 2: “Tasting Cyprus” a food catalogue (May – July, 2012) – collection of traditional recipes from both Cypriot communities, published as a brochure in Greek and Turkish. Young people from both communities work in pairs, one Greek Cypriot and one Turkish Cypriot, to put together recipes of Cypriot cuisine, prepare food and produce the catalogue.