Global Screening of One Day On Earth (22.04.2012)


On Sunday 22 April, 2012, International Earth Day, the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) and Youth Power proudly present the international screening of One Day On Earth, a collaborative film documenting the human experience on 10 October 2010, as captured by volunteer filmmakers all across the globe. The screening takes place simultaneously in Nicosia (CCMC premises, Greek subtitles) and Lefke (The Environmental Society of Lefke, Turkish subtitles) at 8 pm, in parallel with screening events happening around the world.


One Day On Earth is hailed as “the world’s largest media collaboration” according to For this film project the One Day On Earth community has partnered with the United Nations, with 60+ NGOs, as well as with a number of filmmakers and other inspired creators from literally every country in the world. More than 3,000 hours of film footage was shot, sharing their unique perspective of human experience on Earth, on a single day, and compiling a picture of interconnected humanity never before possible. "The power of creating and sharing videos as part of a community is inspiring," says Kyle Ruddick, Founder and Director of One Day On Earth.


Youth Power is happy to partner with CCMC for the film screenings in Cyprus. Already in 2011, CCMC and the Youth Activism Project, Youth Power’s originator, collaborated to produce the video sent to One Day On Earth as the Cypriot contribution to the film, which will also be screened.


“Youth Power is always inspired by the amazing possibilities that digital tools, video included, open up for young people,” states Youth Power Project Manager, Sezis Thompson. “We are very happy to support CCMC in this amazing initiative, hoping to keep inspiring the youth in finding ever more creative ways to make their vision of the world known.”


For more information please contact or join Youth Power on Facebook and Twitter.