Graffiti for Peace: Action Two (16.06.2012)

Cypriot Youth’s Perception of Peace and Reconciliation: An expression through the art of graffiti.

A Youth Power Small Grants project.

At the buffer zone, a bicommunal project which is indented to use the art of graffiti as a means for the reconciliation and Peace will take place in June.

The art of graffiti often has the reputation of being part of a subculture that rebels use against authority. In this project the art of graffiti and its ‘rebellious’ nature, will be employed in order to disseminate ideas and messages about peace and reconciliation.

In the project are invited to participate young people (over 16 years old) coming from Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. All the participants will have the opportunity to receive training on the art of graffiti by experienced graffiti artists while will be called to express their perception and ideas on peace and reconciliation through the graffiti panting, both individually and through team work.

Participation is free

Due to limited seating, persons who are interested on participating to the project should contact as soon as possible with Petros.

Petros Herakleous
Project manager
Mail: [email protected]
Phone number: (+357) 99875558

The project is supported by the Peace Center Cyprus and by the EUROPEAN - MEDITERRANEAN ART ASSOCIATION ( E.M.A.A)

This initiative is made possible through the Youth Power Small Grants and funded by UNDP-ACT.

The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Youth Power, the United Nations or its Member States, UNDP or USAID.


Action Two (Saturday 16 June, 2012, 16:30-19:30)

-Demonstration by the graffiti artists on the stencil graffiti technique will take place.

-Graffiti painting demonstration by the team of the graffiti artists.

- The participants will have the opportunity to express their ideas and experiences (individually) through the graffiti on particular and suitable surfaces.