Youth Empowerment Workshops in Turkish (06.10.2012)

Youth Power launches the first Youth Empowerment Workshops on Thursday 4, 16:00 – 20:00 (in Greek) and Saturday 6, 10:00 – 14:00 (in Turkish) October, 2012, at Chateau Status, 12 Markou Drakou Street, 1102 Nicosia. The workshops aim to promote social innovation among the youth of Cyprus and strengthen the relationship between the two communities of the island.


On Thursday 4 and Saturday 6 October 2012, young people from all over Cyprus gather at Chateau Status in Nicosia, for Youth Power’s Youth Empowerment Workshops, whose aim is to promote social innovation among the youth of Cyprus. The participants are guided by facilitators in defining the most pressing issues for the youth of Cyprus today, and discussing ideas for taking action. With the completion of the first workshops, the young participants will be invited to submit their proposals for action online throughout the following weeks, and Youth Power will select the most innovative ideas. Selected ideas will be paired in a bi-communal weekend retreat in Nicosia (26 – 27 October 2012), when experts and facilitators will guide the groups in further formulating their action plans.


The overall activity aims to give youth a voice in expressing their concerns on pressing social issues, and enabling the participants to provide solutions and action steps for addressing these issues. Topics that can be addressed can include unemployment, the environment, cultural diversity, however the participants will have the liberty of selecting the issues that are of priority to them.


The activity also seeks to provide a basis for discussion amongst both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, as many social issues are equally important to the youth of both communities. These workshops can become a basis for fruitful bi-communal cooperation and future interaction, raising more awareness on cultural diversity through the tool of cross-cultural dialogue.