Different Cultures, One Spirit (14.11.2009)

14 November 2009, Buffer Zone, Nicosia

Youth campaign against racism organized by Soma Akriton and Mediation Association. The campaign aimed to challenge the negative views and opinions, stereotypes and prejudices about ethnicity, gender, culture and beliefs.
The campaign was launched with the youth conference “Multicultural Cyprus’’. The conference, which took place at the buffer zone in Nicosia, was moderated by the Human Rights Foundation and KISA. Young people gathered together to exchange ideas and recommendations, and appreciate the differences and values of a multicultural society such as Cyprus. 

A group of 15 volunteers, including both Cypriots and international youth, were in charge of the sports and social activities that followed the youth conference at the Cetinkaya Sport Field.  Two football matches were held between 40 players and for an audience of 90 youngsters. Quizzes, living library, street painting, and dancing were some of the additional activities held, all of which were organized by the multicultural volunteers’ team.