Hope Chest (23.10.2011)

October – December 2011, Catoz, Komikebir, Lefkara, Kaymakli

Workshops on traditional Cypriot handcrafts and trips to villages were they still flourish, organized by HASDER. The Cypriot youth grabbed the chance to get involved in traditional knitting, woodcraft, silk and cocoon production (23 October 2011, HASDER Folk Arts Institute) as well as in traditional pasta making and “Sesta” or “Tsetsos” knitting (20 November 2011, Catoz and Komikebir). They learned about traditional lace-making and silversmithing at Lefkara (27 November) and enjoyed themselves with food, music and dancing at the traditional Henna Night (2 December 2011, HASDER premises in Kaymakli).


Ali Nebih, HASDER president:
“The Hope Chest project aims to increase awareness for traditional Cypriot crafts, to conserve common cultural values and to create a culture of peace. With its workshops and observatory visits Hope Chest creates a peaceful environment for young people, where they can get to know each other and share cultural values.”