One StreetS Festival (05.06.2010)

5 June 2010, Ledra/Lokmaci Street, Nicosia

Multicultural street festival organized by “Youth Leaders and Cultural Activists”, an informal group of young people, assisted by approximately 30 volunteers. The Ledra/Lokmaci street(s) has been divided for decades and as a result of the separation people started to perceive it as two different streets. However, the opening of the crossing point has brought a vital change to the human geography of old Lefkosia/Lefkoşa, allowing the different and diverse cultural groups inhabiting and using the old historic town to meet, communicate and interact with each other. The event aimed to celebrate cultural diversity and solidarity by bringing together the different people of the island in a creative environment comprised of artists, musicians and performers on the street that has been the symbol of ethnic and cultural division.

A wide variety of musicians and dance groups provided performances and interactive activities along the full length of this symbolic street, offering a unique opportunity for experiencing Nicosia’s multicultural flavour. More than 600 people were actively involved and contributed with their energy, spreading out the Festival message: Our World, Our Future!


Ifeanaji Ugochukwu Santos, 23, participant:
“It was great! We would like to see something similar again. I appreciate very much the chance to get involved in this kind of event”.

Deniz Urfali, 28, organizer:
“The street is still divided, but today people were united at Ledra /Lokmaci Street!”

Ivan Charalambous, 28, organizer:
“I believe we created a pretty successful event today. I certainly had a lot of fun! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I really liked the different musical styles and celebrating the cultural diversity that exists here in Cyprus.”