Peace Building With Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek (02.02.2009)

2nd February 2009, Cyprus Community Media Center, Buffer Zone, Nicosia

Bi-communal peace building workshop organized by Mediation Association and Soma Akriton on the occasion of, wife of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek’s presence in Cyprus. The workshop was also an opportunity to express the support of the Cypriot youth to the efforts made by the Greek-Cypriot and the Turkish-Cypriot leaders for reconciliation. Participants presented the activities of the Youth Activism Project to Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek, displaying their enthusiasm for a sustainable solution on the Island.


Chrystalleni Socratous, Soma Akriton:
“It feels good to realize there are also other people supporting our efforts”.

Nazif Fuat, Mediation Association:
“It was inspiring for the youth to meet Mrs. Ban and to see that there is strong support for young people’s peace building efforts in Cyprus”.