Peace is Power Summer Camp (24.06.2010)

24-30 June 2010, Altinkaya, Kyrenia

Summer camp for young people between the ages 13-17 from Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, co-organised by KAYAD Community Centre and Soma Akriton with the collaboration of WINPEACE - an organization composed of peace activists from Greece, Turkey and the two communities of Cyprus.

A team of 87 people (72 participants, 15 trainers) spent seven days exploring and practicing ideas of conflict resolution, multiculturalism and team building. Participants took part in a diverse range of activities which provided them with peace tools such as effective communication, empathy and mediation. With continuous encouragement to broaden their perspectives, participants gained awareness of different approaches to conflict such as win-win, reaction control and understanding the feelings and needs behind disagreement.

Throughout the camp participants took part in sports activities ranging from swimming, American football, football, dance and yoga. Throughout the sports component participants were encouraged to interact with members from different communities, to engage in healthy competition and understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration. In addition, participants were divided into groups of performance, movie making, creative writing and political design to map out their ideal multicultural village. Participants used these mediums to explore ideas of diversity, respect, inclusiveness, equality, acceptance and appreciation for differences. Each group designed a piece of work which reflected the values and structures of an ideal multicultural village which they presented on the last night. The presentation was attended by families of participants, locals of the area and guests of the hotel. Participants presented a multicultural village which respected not only ethnic but individual differences and expressed their ideas on issues such as democracy, economy and justice.