Youth Theater Camp (16.07.2010)

16-25 July 2010, Cultural Center of Kaminaria, Limassol

The “Crossroads” theatre camp for 15-19-year-olds, was developed by three drama and conflict resolution facilitators and aimed to celebrate the power of theatre within an environment of respect and dialogue among young Cypriots from both the Greek and Turkish speaking communities.
The camp developed on a twofold nucleus: co-existence and creative collaboration. “Crossroads” was a space where participants not only lived together but also had the opportunity to collectively learn about theatre and how it can become an instrument for communicating and stimulating creativity. By supporting collaborative work structured around drama and aiming toward a final piece of production – open for friends and family on the final day of camp – “Crossroads”  provided an opportunity to speak out and share experiences in a lively atmosphere of fun interaction, where youth learned about each other and expanded the endless possibilities of imagination and artistic capability.