Youth Activism Project Past Activities

Youth Activism Project (May 2009 – July 2011)

Youth Activism Project (YAP) was Youth Power’s main enterprise, under which all our past activities fall. The activities within the framework of YAP aimed to encourage and inspire the young people of Cyprus to actively participate in the efforts for a peaceful and sustainable resolution to the island’s main challenge, its division, and to become active, concerned citizens in the process. Over a period of two years, the Youth Activism Project continued implementing a well-orchestrated set of activities to actively engage youth in peace building. By developing and strengthening the necessary substructures, YAP reached out to youth as well as to youth leaders and teachers. Its activities incorporated research on youth opinions and attitudes, media outreach and communication tools, summer camps and festivals for different age groups. Other activities included exchange visits, workshops to promote activism, debates, the formation of a youth parliament, as well as comprehensive training programmes. Strategic communication and outreach belonged to the project’s most important activities, which also included the development of an island-wide action plan on the role of youth in peace building.

Youth Activism Project was funded by the UNDP Action for Cooperation and Trust (ACT)

Peace Building With Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek 02.02.2009

2nd February 2009, Cyprus Community Media Center, Buffer Zone, NicosiaBi-communal peace building workshop organized by Mediation Association and Soma Akriton on the occasion of, wife of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek’s presence in Cyprus. The workshop was also an opportunity to express the support of the Cypriot youth to the efforts made by the Greek-Cypriot and the Turkish-Cypriot leaders for reconciliation. Participants presented the activities of the Youth Activism Project to Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek, displaying their enthusiasm for a sustainable solution on the Island. Comments: Chrystalleni Socratous, Soma Akriton: “It feels good to realize there are also other people supporting our efforts”. Nazif Fuat, Mediation Association: “It was inspiring for the youth to meet Mrs. Ban and to see that there is strong support for young people’s peace building efforts in Cyprus”.

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