A warm welcome from Youth Power

Dear reader,

Thank you for visiting our blog! As we write this first article we think back on the two years that our youth activism network has functioned under the guise of the Youth Activism Project and our minds boggle at how far we’ve come! We’ve helped our members organize peaceful summer excursions, bi-communal nature and theatre camps, a study mission to N.Ireland, explorations, debates and multicultural street festivals. We’ve met so many enthusiastic young people, their families, friends and teachers. We helped the young ones grow, acquire leadership skills and build relationships with their peers from both sides of the island, understanding through their experience the importance of peace, acceptance and multiculturalism in building up a healthy and sustainable future for Cyprus. We’ve embraced each other, laughed together, and shared each other’s concerns and discoveries.

Now the Youth Activism Project came to its completion and paved the way for our new Youth Power identity. Our mission is still the same: to inspire, energize and strengthen the youth’s efforts to shape a peaceful and sustainable future, for a multicultural Cyprus. In this we’re unrelenting. We believe in the youth of Cyprus. We believe that the future belongs to them. Our new project, the Small Grants Initiative, aims to help organizations as well as independent groups to gain financial support for their own peace-building initiatives. We offer guidance and sustenance through the expertise of our team from the beginning to the end, helping them to develop the best possible plan and to carry it out with maximum results. From our past experiences we know there are passionate young people out there craving to dedicate their time and energy to construct a better future for Cyprus. Our goal is to do our best in order to give the youth the best possible chance to bring their dream of peace to life.

Thanks again, dear reader, for taking the time to read our words. We would like to welcome you to Youth Power’s large family. Feel free to navigate through our website and social media network, to leave comments, make friends, to contact us with questions, doubts or for more information on our activities. We are always happy to embrace new people and engage in constructive dialogue.

With our warmest regards,

Sezis Thompson
Project Manager

Katerina Antoniou
Associate Project Manager