Graffiti for a New Chapter in Cypriot History - by Giannis Hadjigeorgiou

I have never had the opportunity to be engaged in bicommunal activities despite the fact that I' am 26 years old and I have been living in Nicosia for all my life. Fortunately, this changed the last month since I participated to the Youth Power Small Grants project, Graffiti for Peace.


The prevailing atmosphere throughout the project was unique since for three weeks, youths coming from two communities participated to the project in order to send message for peace. I believe that the most important aspect of the project was the cooperation developed between the participants in order to protest against the division of our country through the art. The contact between the youths coming from both communities can be considered as beneficial since we realized that we share common beliefs, concerns and aspirations about the future. In essence, we understood that we have much more in common that those things that keep us divided.


The graffiti paintings produced in the project probably are not the best but what is important is the meaning lies behind every single board. In general, the message that we are sending through our paintings: is the urgent need to start writing a new peaceful chapter in the bloody history of our country where the positive peace will be prevailed.     


Giannis Hadjigeorgiou,