How to Write a Successful Blog Post

The following comes straight from our March 2012 Newsletter!


Just one aspect of digital activism, Blogging (web logging) has been all the rage for the past several years of our digital age, influencing opinions, feeding revolutions, making a difference through the combined use of words and images, all around the world. In line with other subcategories such as Vlogging (video logging), Podcast creation (audio production), Tweeting and Sharing, which also owe their existence to the social media aspect of the internet, Blogging can be a truly powerful tool for organizations and individuals to get their message across to the right ears. All you need to do is use your imagination and creativity, which can indeed be scary at times!


The Youth Power blog aims to become a collaborative blogging platform, whose purpose is to empower the voices of the youth in Cyprus. A lot of interest has been generated with our friends since we announced this initiative on our social media network. But mixed with the interest, came also a kind of creative shyness, a peculiar thing, surprisingly expressed even by individuals who have been hands-down activists for years!


So how do we conquer our creative anxiety and influence people with a powerful, new tool?


Here are a few simple tips from our creative team on how to write a successful blog post:

  1. Know your subject. Pick something you really care about. The closer a subject is to your heart, the bigger the chances you’ll be well informed about it and the bigger the chances that you will captivate your audience with your passion.
  2. Be relevant. Tackle your subject with immediacy and clarity. Make your point of view clear and to the point.
  3. Start with a catchy Heading, then move on with an Introduction, a Middle and an End. The length and the amount of detail you want to include is completely up to you. Shorter is, generally, better.
  4. Use Pictures or Videos. A strong image or video content is almost certain to capture the attention of your reader and as likely to be shared on the social media channels.
  5. Link it up. Use links in order to reference your sources or to lead the readers to other relevant places. It’s all about sharing.
  6. Break the rules. A blog post can really be anything you want it to be. It can be a digital storytelling video shot by you or your friends, or your opinion on a certain initiative. It can be a picture with a short commentary, or a compelling opinion piece full of links. There are no limits to creativity. The only goal is communication and clarity.


We look forward to your articles! Don’t be shy! Send us your articles at [email protected] and we’ll help your voice be heard!