One Day In Cyprus

One Day On Earth is a documentary feature created from over 3000 hours of footage that volunteer filmmakers shot, literally, in every country of the world, on 10 October, 2010. As a media maker, I am fascinated by this concept where volunteers documented their own reality as they perceived it, all on the same day, and the mind-boggling feat of reducing this massive amount of human experience into a single consumable film product! As a media professional working for the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC), I had the opportunity to be involved in this project.


We chose to shoot our contribution in the old airport of Nicosia. CCMC and the Youth Activism Project collaborated to bring 10 young Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots together in order to experience that seldom seen and highly symbolic location and then bury a “time capsule” containing “10 Reasons Why We Should Live Together”, to be unearthed 10 years later. It was the first time each of us had been to the airport, abandoned since Nicosia became two halves of a city. We all experienced that eerie feeling of being in a time pocket that certain places in Cyprus exude. The dilapidated aeroplane outside and the crumbling interior of the airport with the faded furniture and posters from the early seventies, made us feel that a certain part of us as Cypriots, was lost, never to be found again.


We soon asserted our energy and humour and tried to overcome that haunting feeling by concentrating on the future, as young people do. Our protagonists joked and laughed together and talked about their hopes and aspirations for Cyprus.


As I was filming their activities, it became once more apparent to me that the young people of Cyprus strongly want to put the past behind them and create a happier present and more stable future for themselves as Cypriots. I hope that our contribution to One Day On Earth really does communicate this precious message of hope.


The screening of One Day on Earth will take place on Sunday 22 April 2012 at 20:00 simultaneously in Nicosia (CCMC premises with Greek subtitles) and Lefke (The Environmental Society of Lefke with Turkish subtitles), parallel with screening events happening around the world.



Natalie Konyalian, April 2012