Visiting Palestine by Nuri Silay

Visiting Palestine was a good opportunity in terms of field work, as we experienced the daily life in Palestine with a group of Palestinians. It was interesting to encounter the social and economical problems of Palestine in reality rather than through following mainstream media.

In order to reach the West Bank after landing in Amman's airport we had to pass through three checkpoints: the Jordanian, the Israeli and the Palestinian. Going from checkpoint to checkpoint by bus and being interrogated for 6 and a half hours by Israeli officers and soldiers, just for visiting Palestine, were clear proof of Israeli occupation in Palestine.

Upon our arrival, we received a warm and healing welcome from our Palestinian civil society encounters, after going through psychological 'torture'  at the Israeli checkpoint.

During the trip, we had the chance of visiting historical and cultural places, attending cultural events, participating in workshops, and visiting governmental insitutions and officials, which was an excellent opportunity for the Cypriots and Palestinians to exchange opinions and ideas related to problems that we face locally and globally, as well as share solutions.

I'd like to thank Youth Power and Shams for this opportunity and I hope the Palestinian community will find the right way to achieve their freedoms.