Words are Action! Words are Power!

Are you a passionate young person with strong views about peace, cooperation and acceptance of diversity? Are you an activist involved in bicommunal initiatives? Are you a member of a bicommunal organization who’s shaping the future of Cyprus?


Youth Power is now opening its blog to extraordinary people like you!

You can use the blogging platform incorporated on our website, www.youthpowercyprus.org, to blog about the issues that concern you, your initiatives, your organization, and in so doing, you can make more friends, involve more people and widen the impact you have on the reality of Cyprus! You will in turn be awarded the Youth Power Activist badge to put on your social media profile and let the world know that you are making Cyprus a better place to be!


All you have to do is prepare a blog article containing text in English, Greek or Turkish, as well as an image, or a video, and mail it to us at the address [email protected]. We will review your work and then post it under your name or alias!


Your words shape the future! Write to us now!



Youth Power reserves the right to exclude contributions containing offensive language, racist or sexist content, personal attacks on individuals, or insults to Youth Power, the Youth Power network and its affiliates.