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Voices of Tomorrow

A trailer for a documentary that showed the concerns of Cypriot Youth and how they designed an island wide survey resulting in gaining a comprehensive overview. Based on the findings that Cypriots have so much in common, they developed a Youth Charter for Cyprus to encourage others to contribute to the future of their country.

Mobile Press Conference - 8 September 2010

The Cyprus Youth Network held a press conference to relate their experiences of trips abroad to Bosnia, Northern Ireland and USA, but as the media were all at the peace talks they took the press conference to them...

What's Your Story: Alp and Anna

This short film features two inspiring 18-year-olds - Alparslan Balci, a Turkish Cypriot and Anna Leonidou, a Greek Cypriot. Living on the divided island of Cyprus, these two young people are active members of Youth Activism - a UNDP-ACT project that aims to encourage and inspire the youth of Cyprus to actively participate in the efforts for a peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem.

Earthdance Nicosia - 2009

This year Cyprus joined the largest globally-synchronized dance event in the world, which took place in over 300 locations in more than 60 countries. The Cyprus Network for Youth Development led by its Youth Activism project contributed by organizing 120 young basketball players, 12 music and dance groups, more than 50 performers and 2000 audience members. Their efforts promoted peace by encouraging people to celebrate differences.

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