Youth Power Entrepreneurship Awards – Winners

29 May 2013


The Youth Power Entrepreneurship Awards were announced with the opportunity of Youth Power’s 2013 Entrepreneurship Trainings (March – April 2013). 25 participants under the age of 35 attended these trainings and had the opportunity to submit business proposals and win seed funding of a total of €10,000. Out of the participants, four applications were submitted, and seed funding was awarded to all, to support their innovative entrepreneurial initiatives.


On April 29, 2013, Youth Power’s Selection Committee, consisting of Youth Power staff and entrepreneurship experts, decided on the awards based on each project’s feasibility, innovation and Youth Power’s applicable funding restrictions.


Entrepreneurship Winner Proposals:


  • I-nnovate:

Youth Entrepreneur(s): Andreas Hadjisofocleous

Description: Crowd-funding platform with a social twist, focusing on young entrepreneurs, artists and innovative ideas and inviting charities and local NGOs to get involved. The aim of this platform is to support talented youth in Cyprus to secure funds for their projects and put them in practice. This initiative is also looking into additional international funding to secure its sustainability and expansion.

Award: €4,000 to be used for the platform’s IT development and promotion


  • Carabu:

Youth Entrepreneur(s): Anastasia Charitou

Description:  Aims to fill the gap between healthy food and snacks food. Carabu creates snacks with natural ingredients that promote efficient energy release, keeping you full for longer. Carabu snacks will be produced in partnership with a local bakery in Nicosia, and disseminated accordingly. The aim is to create foods that work in unison with both mind and body.  More information about Carabu snacks and their dissemination points at

Award: €3,000 to be used on promotion, raw materials, packaging and production.


  • Telli Firin:

Youth Entrepreneur(s): Serife Akman

Description: This initiative is about re-launching an old local bakery brand, Telli Firin, in a new venue in old Nicosia. The bakery will revive its character by providing traditional baked goods based on its old recipes.

Award: €1,000 to be used for the bakery’s menu printing and venue signs.



  • FabLabCY:

Youth Entrepreneur(s): Natasa Christou

Description: an online platform to support the creative community of Cyprus. The platform will be used to match local people who make a variety of creative designs (furniture, accessories etc) with people that want to buy them. The platform will let visitors use a simple questionnaire to find the appropriate local providers/designers that match their requirements.

Award: €2,000 to be used for the platform’s development


Total Grants: €10,000 


Round III - ADVOCACY (April 2012 - July 2013)


Project Title: Sharedwords
Implemented by: Nuri Silay
Amount: €4,000
Description: SharedWords is not only a social project but also a language learning methodology and a peace-building philosophy. The project’s aim is to inform and educate Greek and Turkish language learners through a series of educational sessions and games using the motivating SharedWords method. The primary target group is the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot youth who want to learn each others’ language.  At the end of the project, a booklet containing 500 shared words will be published.


Project Title: Reading The Lines
Implemented by: Louiza Mallouri
Amount: €10,000
Description: The proposed project is twofold. Firstly, it aims to identify and address inconsistencies, discrepancies and gaps between research, policy and practice regarding the literature curriculum (ages 15-18) in both communities, advocating the development of critical literacy approaches in order to ultimately equip young Cypriots with the tools to interrogate various media and challenge the ideology and power relations within their messages. Secondly, it aims to put components of critical literacy in action, inspiring and guiding young Cypriots to use creative writing/storytelling as an artful advocacy tool in order to talk about issues that are important to them.


Project Title: Interview With The Invisible Other
Implemented by: Petros Nicolaou
Amount: €10,000
Description: The objectives of the proposed project are twofold: The first goal, by means of the research, is to examine whether the immigration policy of the Cypriot State favours the empowerment of racism in Cypriot society. The second goal is to give the opportunity to immigrants living in Cyprus to tell their own story of migration, emphasizing the reasons which led them to immigrate, through the short film. The overall aim is to raise public awareness about the issues surrounding racism in contemporary Cyprus.


Project Title: Collective Bahçe
Implemented by: Utopia Collectiva and Salih Koccat
Amount: €10,000
Description: The project entails the creation of a Community Garden named Collective Bahçe, at the Linear Volunteers Park in Kaimakli, (the former railway track between V. Voulgaroktou and Smirnis Street). The Community Garden is a project open to all residents of Cyprus, which includes a number of events aiming to advocate and provide tools towards the development of a sustainable collaborative community, organic agriculture and to promote an alternative, sustainable and healthy lifestyle for young people in the present times of socio-economic uncertainty.  


Total Grants: 34,000


Youth Power Small Grants - MEMBERS' ROUND (April 2013 – July 2013)


Project Title: Leadership Development Training
Implemented by: Peace Players - Cyprus
Amount: €6,500
Description: Leadership development trainings for 15 – 17 year-olds taking place over a weekend retreat.  


Project Title: Living Library
Implemented by: MAGEM
Amount: €6,500
Description: The Living Library aims to give direct access to people’s experiences by allowing individuals to ‘borrow’ a person for a conversation, helping to confront stereotypes.


Project Title: Youth Festival
Implemented by: Youth Centre, Hasder, Soma Akriton and KAYAD
Amount: €22,000
Description: A 2-Day Festival which will include music from high school bands, dancing, bicycle tours and drama performances.


Total Grants: 35,000

Round II (October 2012 - February 2013)


Project Title: Street Art for Peace
Implemented by: Petros Heracleous
Amount: €9,425
Description: This specific project is proposed by people who have worked and participated in the Youth Power Small Grants project “Graffiti for Peace”. Street Art For Peace project is intended to use the universal language of the street art in order to bring Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots together. The specific project will be implemented in three events that will take place in three different public spaces.


Project Title: Capoeira - Roda da Vida
Implemented by: Group Cordão de Ouro
Amount: €8,000
Description: “Roda da Vida” means “Circle of Life” in Portugese. “Roda” (circle) in Capoeira world means the circle in which Capoeira is played and performed. The circle also gives a meaning of equality towards each other, meaning Capoeira does not discriminate gender, cultural inheritance, race, language, age but rather celebrates diversity and the individual as a unique person - a “Capoeirista” (practitioner of Capoeira).


The project's main goal is to raise awareness about multi-communal co-existence and to encourage new, strong bi-communal bonds through the practice of Capoeira. The project will offer the experience of multi-communal co-existence by bringing participants into a creative, positive, energetic and inspiring environment, where everybody is equal and therefore his contribution is equally important. The participants are motivated to express themselves through interactive body movements, rhythm and music. The involvement of mind, body and soul in a supportive and embracing environment, that has freedom of expression as its foundation, is key to creating true and deep relationships.


Project Title: Reading the Lines
Implemented by: Louiza Mallouri
Amount: €14,824
Description: Reading the Lines: ‘the Other’ in the stories we tell about ourselves aims to celebrate the youth literature of both communities in Cyprus, by bringing together the youth of Cyprus and Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot storytellers, writers, illustrators and literature experts. It will evolve in a series of illustration and writing workshops, culminating in a young literature festival.


Total grants amount for Round II: €32,249


For all the activities under the Youth Power Small Grants, please see our current activities.


Round I (May - September 2012)

Project Title: Cyprus Youth TO-GEt-THERe
Implemented by: Epilogi Cultural Movement, MAGEM
Amount: €14,000
Description: This partnership came through the road trips that were organized by Youth Power.  The aim is to contribute to the development of a pan-Cypriot umbrella network for culture and youth that will on a sustainable way, contribute towards the culture of peace and reconciliation among the young people on Cyprus.  The goals will be achieved through bi-communal festivals, art camps and exhibitions, food catalogue and other activities that will have a sustainable impact.

Project Title: Graffiti For Peace
Implemented by: Petros Heracleous, EMAA (European Mediterranean Art Association)
Amount: €8,000
Description: The aim of the project is to bring together Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot youth in order to be trained in the “rebellious” art of graffiti, (Nicosia, 2 - 23 June, 2012) a medium which they will then use to express their perceptions on reconciliation. 

Project Title: Back For The Future
Implemented by: Angela Photiou
Amount: €1,500
Description: This project aims to capture and preserve the voice and memories of the generation of Cypriots who remember living in a unified Cyprus through a video documentary and also disseminate these experiences through new and social media.


Total grants amount for Round I: €23500


For all the activities under the Youth Power Small Grants, please see our current activities.